Sunday, March 20, 2016


I went float-tube fishing during this weekend for the first time in this season. As I presumed, I got no bites and could see no fish at all. Anyway, it's good to feel the rhythm of fishing during this season of the year.

I also started rigging my kayak saltwater fishing. Yesterday, I made a flag with my wife's help. I used an old inner-line fishing rod and attached a piece of red cloth on the top of it. I inserted wire along two sides of the cloth so that the flag can keep the shape even under calm condition. I'd like to make a radar reflector later and hang it under the flag with a swivel. 

A big laundry pinch can be used as a paddle hanger. I also made removable scupper plugs with urethane material. I got some rubber bands and coils, too, and would like to use them as leash codes. I almost completed rigging my kayak, but have not decided which tackle box and cooler box to go with. It's a lot of fun to rig to make it my own. 

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