Saturday, March 12, 2016


I'm good at swimming, but I make it a rule to wear a PFD (Personal Floating Device) when I fish. I've used and will keep using inflatable ones during hot seasons, but I wanted to have a floating-cushion one for my kayak fishing as well as for floating tube fishing especially in cooler seasons. This week, I bought a new one, MTI's Dorado.

I didn't like to wear it as it was, so I worked on it today. At first, I sawed an old Heddon patch on it. This vest is one of the high-tech ones, but does it look old-fashined with the patch?

It has a holder for a pliers, but the end part was open. I attached protection cover so that the tips of pliers will not damage anything.

I also rigged an emergency whistle, line cutter, and boat knife, though I may put them in my tackle box when I fish from my kayak.

Just finished.

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