Monday, June 15, 2015

Wounded Spook

I was bad with double-prop baits such as Heddon Wounded Spook, Dying Flutter, Smithwick Devils Horse, and Balsa 50 Hotsy Totsy. I had a prejudice against these baits, as I have been good at using other topwater lures including pencil baits, chuggers, poppers, and darters, rather than prop baits. For these 6-7 years, I have tried to use the baits as often as possible (and buy as many as I can afford), in order to learn by myself how the saying "custom makes all things easy" would works. I'm the kind of fisher who has to experience fishing physically. It sometimes takes long time and much pains, but I'd rather touch everything by myself than swallow others' ideas.

I have caught some nice bass with the double-prop baits, and I think I could have a little better understanding toward these baits than before. Now, my options to choose lures from are increased especially under windier conditions, and I make it a rule to go out with at least one or two of this sort of prop baits. My present challenge is how I can make fish reflexively bite on them. With Chugger Spooks or Zara Spooks, I think I can do that...    

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