Saturday, June 20, 2015

Calm, feeble strike

Now, I have dental work one or twice a week, and may have an oral surgery soon. I had an appointment at the dentist at 09:00 today, but it's Saturday today. Yes, I went fishing early in the morning, though I had to get back before the visit.

I caught a bass with a Heddon Chugger Spook (OYG) about 10 minutes after I started. It was not so big, but I got satisfied with it.

Then, I started to take a movie while I fished. I tied a Lucky 13 in GRA color as it is very easy to see from me and from viewers as well even in the movie. The strike was so calm that I could not say it a "blow-up", but you can often have similar bites during this season of the year. It showed a splendid jump, and got away.


Today's tackle: ABU Ambassadeur 5000CDL, Fenwick Boron-X XCA-554, Stren 14lb (Clear/Blue Fluorescent), Heddon Original Zara Spook, Chugger Spook, Lucky 13, etc.

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