Sunday, June 14, 2015

Field-test completed

We went for an saltwater (offshore) fishing trip last weekend, but it got awfully windy and we got back halfway.

Since I refinished one of my rods, I had wanted to field-test it. I had chances to visit a nearby pond on the past Thursday and yesterday. However, I could spare only a very short time for each day, and I could not fully test it.

Today, I could spare much longer hours from 04:00 to 09:30, and tested it as much as I wanted. At first I visited a pond where I fished a few times this year (and had caught a few bass), but I got skunked there. Then, I drove to another direction to try fishing in 'new' ponds to me.

The second place I visited was a small flat pond with a lot of aquatic vegetation. Fish were active, and I got 5-6 bites there. I felt fluorescent colors were effective there, and I caught one nice bass with a Heddon Zara II (YFD). I also hooked bass with an Original Zara Spook (MG) and 210 (CDF), but they got away into thick weeds.

Then, I decided to climb a hill on foot to visit another pond that was new to me as well. It was a hard pull to go with all of my tackle and floating tube. Anyway, I reached there. I was not sure that bass were there, but the water quality and vegetation looked so good that I decided to fish there. Five or six minutes after I started, I flirted a Heddon Wounded Spook (SD) to a small spot surrounded by the shore and nuphar weeds, and gave it a few small quivers. Suddenly a big blow-up occurred and I set a hook hard. I was not so careful, as I didn't expect it, but I caught the fish by inches. It was a very beautiful bass, as heavy as 4lb.

I got satisfaction from this fish, but kept fishing a little more time. I found a reedy area in the back of the pond, and cast a Heddon 210 (CDF). As soon as it took water, it was flicked out into the air by a fish. I let my bait pause a bit, and then gave it a few small actions. Then, the fish rushed at my lure again with a big splash. I hooked it at full stretch as the bait (Heddon 210) has weedless-type hooks. I successfully caught it, and found it was also a nice bass.

I fully enjoyed the fishing of today, catching these three fish. More than two fish a day are just too good for me. I also confirmed that the rod was perfectly refinished both cosmetically and functionally. However, it is a medium-light rod and I'm afraid it lacks strength if used to fish weedy area. I almost caught another bass with a Heddon wood Lucky 13, but it ran away into weeds. I think I could catch it if I used a more powerful rod.

Today's tackle: ABU Record Ambassadeur 5000 (black), Gart Bros Dina Cast 64 by Phillipson, Stren 14lb (Clear/Blue Fluorescent), Heddon Original Zara Spook, Zara II, Wounded Spook, Chugger Spook, 210, Wood Lucky 13, Hula Popper, and many other lures.

Fisherman's good (but sore) thumb

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