Sunday, July 20, 2014

Japanese whiting fishing

It's a very calm day, and we went fishing in the nearby sea. Our target was Japanese whiting, a kind of Smelt-whiting fishes. It is a very popular summer fishing here, and very good to eat. See this link.  

You can catch them by surf fishing, but can catch larger ones when you fish offshore. This time, we fished from my Canadian canoe. It was my first time to paddle on the sea, and we prepared fully to get wet. We used old cheap fishing tackle, which we don't miss in case of loss. We wore PDF, and loaded spare paddles and some floating devices such as floating cushions and ice boxes on the canoe. Fortunately, the water surface was smooth and no strong wind blew at all.

We enjoyed the fishing a lot, and caught many Japanese whiting, multi-colorfin rainbowfish, and some other species. After getting home, I cleaned them up and cooked for some dishes. Sliced raw fish (sashimi) and fried fish (tenpura) were especially great, as well as roasted ones.

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