Sunday, June 15, 2014

Saltwater fishing

We had a good time offshore fishing yesterday. We had some bigger ocean swells in the morning, but they got calmer and calmer in the afternoon. Our main target fish was red sea bream, but unfortunately I could not catch them at all. The fish in the center of the top picture is one that I was given from another fisher (Thanks a lot!). We fished almost until it got dark, went back to the port at 21:00 pm, and went home in the middle of the night.

I felt extremely tired, but I got up early today and cleaned up all the fish before the first football match of Japan (The World Cup) begun at 10:00 am. I counted seven different species, a total of 15-20 fishes, and it was a very exhausting job to clean so many fishes at a time. Then, I cooked and most of them for dinner in the evening. All my family members like to eat fresh fish, and we enjoyed a lot.

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