Monday, April 21, 2014

Easier ways to tune a Powerpak

Yesterday I went to a fishing tackle shop to pick up some more floats for my Powerpak lures, as I came up with a few easier ways to tune the lures using them. 

 Idea A:
 (1) make a double line with a bimini twist or spider hitch.
 (2) pass the double line (both lines) through the eye of the float.
 (3) then tie the swivel.

Idea B:
 (1) pass the line through the float and tie the swivel.
(2) pass the reminder of the line through the float again from the other side.
 (3) then knot the reminder on the main line.

In either way, you can attach a float just before you cast the Powerpak. I'd like to try both ideas when I go fishing next time.

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