Saturday, November 2, 2013

In autumnal sunshine

After a series of typhoons in October, we have calmer days during the daytime, though it is getting cooler and cooler early in the morning and after sunset. The color of leaves around my place has not changed, yet, suggesting that I may have a few more chances to enjoy topwater bass fishing.

When I got to a pond and wore my waders, I felt 'wet' around my right foot. After I used them last time, I washed both outer- and inner- sides of them. I thought I dried them up, but it seemed some water was left inside the right sock part. Anyway, I started fishing with a feeling of a kind of discomfort on my right foot.

Water temperature was colder than I expected, and fish were very slow. A lot of fallen leaves were floating on the water surface of leeward side, and I felt difficulties to fish with topwater lures. I got some bites, but most were small, or I may say 'subtle'. I caught three small bass and one big bluegill, and I was very happy not to get skunked.


Today's tackle: ABU 5000 DL, Fenwick Lunker Gear LGX 38C, Stren 14lb (Hi-Vis gold), Heddon Zara Spook (NLT), Lucky 13, Chugger Spook, Hedd Hunter Minnow (w/ prop on the tail), etc. 

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