Saturday, April 28, 2012

Glo-lite Mouse

I managed to wake up early this morning and went fishing. It was very cool because of radiation cooling, so I wore a pair of gloves (Simms Windstopper Half-finger gloves). About dawn, I almost caught a bass with a Pico Pop, but the strike was very short and it swam away. I could not get a bite for a while, but all of a sudden this fish swallowed my Glo-lite Mouse. I had to catch her, and I took time to carefully land her (ca. 3lb). This mouse lure (Shakespeare's plastic mouse) has much buoyancy in the tail part, and moves very attractively. You can steadily give it actions, or you can retrieve it like a buzzbait on the water surface. 

Today's tackle:
ABU Record 5000 (BLK), Phillipson Challenger (9055 rebuilt), Stren 14lb (clear), Pico Pop, Heddon Zara Spook, Gilmore Hoodler, Shakepeare Glo-Lite Swimming Mouse ( I cast only four lures today).

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