Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yellowtail fishing

Today, I went yellowtail fishing in the Seto Inland Sea for the first time this fishing season. It was so windy that we felt difficulties to let jigs fall down to the sea bottom. Even in 30-40 m depth area, we had to use 150-180 g (5-6 oz) jigs to touch the bottom. A huge fish bit my jig early in the morning (though I didn't notice it at first), and I could almost catch it, but it had gone to deep sea by bending my Gamakatsu hook at odd angle (nearly straight). My fight was a little too strong, after I reeled the leader line into the spool. I could kick myself for making a heedless mistake!

A couple of minutes later, my friend caught another big fish, 1 m long, maybe 11-12kg or heavier, yellowtail. Too huge fish! It was one of the biggest live yellowtail I've ever seen. As for my result, only fish I caught was a Japanese Spanish mackerel (65.5cm in fork length, just above the big one in the picture).

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