Sunday, October 11, 2015

Move out, move in

I recently got another big tackle box, so I've been doing out my lures, replacing the boxes, coordinating them by items, manufactures, and/or sizes. It is a time consuming work, and I often get fed up it.

It seems I have more than 400 Heddon 9540 Chugger Spook lures now. Although I know you can catch fish with any color of them, but chacun a son gout.

These are top proven ones for me as well as other colors such as NBL, GRA, YSL and so on. I've caught many large fishes, not only bass but also other species, with them. They all have many teeth marks on the body. Once I made a web page to keep a record of fishes I've caught with Chugger Spooks. I've put these in a box that I named my 'Hall-of-Fame'.

These are from my collection. If I choose from stumped-eye ones, these are my favorite colors. You may think the JRH (red head frog spot) is a common color, but the belly is painted in yellow that I like better. I also like PSWB (purple scale white bars) and BWYB (black wing yellow bird).

If sprayed-eye ones are candidates, I like these greenish colors. Now, I'm wondering in which box, I shall put these collectible ones??

----- Are these out of common? -----

These are strange Heddon 210 lures I found in my boxes. The body of SSD (silver shad) is painted in a pearl colo. The BSO (brown dace) has no scales on the body. The Y is incorrectly rigged up in a factory.

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