Saturday, October 17, 2015

Good product

I went fishing in a flat shallow farm pond early in the morning today, but got skunked again. I could get no vital reaction from fish. Nothing, at all. Anyway, the sky was clean, and I saw many typical fall clouds in the sky as well as on the water surface. Lily pads are now dying, suggesting my bass fishing season will soon be over. I'd like to one or two more nice bass before I finish this season.

By the way, I finally found a good chemical product to restore faded plastic parts of my rods and reels. Unpainted black plastic parts often get faded, and turn white or matte across the ages. Fox example, knobs, bodies, and spools of ABU reels, Fuji reel handles, and so on. I had often polished them using compounds, or oiled them, but they were not improved.

This product (cleaning re-conditioner for black parts of cars) is a revolutionary one. I got interested in applying it to many of my old fishing tackle, and I found it can be applicable even on brown plastic. I'm very happy to see my reels and rods look sparkly clean. I should have tried it much earlier.

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