Saturday, December 27, 2014

Waves were high

We had reserved a boat to go offshore yellowtail fishing in the Sea of Japan for today, and fortunately the weather turned better than previous days. Though the waves were very high, we could manage to spend a day on the sea.  

Yellowtail, especially smaller ones, were so active that we could enjoy catching them almost every time we fell down a jig into the sea. The fever time continued for about one hour. I caught a nice mackerel, too. Our family members like to eat pickled mackerel for New Year's food, so I felt very happy to catch it. After almost everyone on the boat caught 15-20 each, we moved to another point to target bigger ones. Soon after we got there, I could catch a bigger yellowtail. Then, unusual for me, I felt seasick, and to make things worse both of my feet got wet as my old boots got swamped. I was not in the mood to continue fishing any more, and I stayed in the cabin until we returned to the port. Anyway, it was very nice to have a chance to go fishing during this season of the year and catch a lot of fish to eat. 

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