Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New fins

I recently picked up a pair of new fins. They're travel-sized, and I though they would be good for fishing in small ponds around us. Today, I wanted to try them, and went fishing.

They're very compact and easy to wear, but I could get much less propulsive force unless I used thigh muscles. I also felt difficulties to move an inch using my ankles. I knew this would happen, but I decided to keep them a backup.

Fishing was slow. I got skunked in the first pond I visited, and drove to the second. There, I caught a few bass, but all were small. The sky was totally clear, and I was too late to move.

I used ABU 4600AL and Fenwick XC-554 today, and I find this combination super. Very light and good to cast with. I had not paid much attention to ABU 4600AL and 4500AL reels, but now I think they should be rated more highly. Only one thing I don't prefer is their handles (a little long). I like shorter ones for ABU 1500C or 2500C, so I replaced them. I also put an old-fashioned decals (which I made by myself) on the rims of one of my 4500AL's. It looks cosmetically beautiful, doesn't it?


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