Friday, July 13, 2012

Drove far

I took a day off today and drove far to find clearer water. I fished long from very early in the morning, but this (see the pics below) was the only fish I caught. I cast my Zara Spook (VRB) to the spot with reeds and wooden piles near shore, and when I gave it a few dog walks, the water surface splashed. I thought it would be a small fish, but the fight was harder than I expected. It was a nice bass about 16 inches long, 2 lb class bass. I got another hit with a Scum Frog on a weed bed, but I could not catch it.

On the way back from fishing, traffic was hell and I got extremely tired. 

Today's tackle: 
ABU Ambassadeur 5500CA, Fenwick HMG Iron Hawk Graphite (HFC-555), Daiwa #5 line (Clear), Heddon Original Zara Spook, Chugger Spook, Cordell Boy Howdy, Red Fin, Mann's Hard Worm (prop), etc.  

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