Sunday, June 24, 2012

offshore fishing

I went offshore fishing in the Sea of Japan yesterday. After the typhoon passed through Japan last week, the atmosphere around here was totally changed. It was very cold on the sea, but the air was very clean and transparent. I guess that's why the sunset was so beautiful.

I spent almost a whole day, tossed about by mild waves. The result of fishing was not as good as I expected, but I could catch seven different species. I cleaned and cooked them by myself today, and they're all very good too eat.

Red sea bream, Pagrus major
Horsehead tilefish, Branchiostegus japonicus 
This fish was most delicious among the 7 species.
Black scraper, Thamnaconus modestus
Whitefin trevally, Carangoides equula
Japanese jack mackerel, Trachurus japonicus

Yellowback seabream, Dentex tumifrons
and a wrasse, Pseudolobrus japonicus.

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