Saturday, June 16, 2012

Meadow Mouse again

It's been raining since last evening. I almost gave up going out for fishing today, but the weather forecast said it would be light drizzle early in  the morning, so I decided to go.

When I started fishing (04:15 AM), the rain became heavy at times. I first fished with a Jitterstick (a noisy lure with a prop in the tail), but the rain got so harder that I changed it to a Heddon Big Hedd. It makes a big rattle sound inside the body, and the color, CDF, is very visible even in the hard rain. I started my stop & go retrieve of it, and I suddenly got a hit. I thought the fish may be a catfish (I've caught many catfish with this lure), but was a largemouth bass. I caught it (about 3 or 3-1/2 lb), but it went away before I took my camera out from the pocket of my waders. 

About 30 minutes later, another 3lb class bass bit my mouse weaving on the water. This fish was also a good fighter. 

On rainy days, graphite rods are better to give your lures snappy actions. Today, I used a Fenwick Iron Hawk (HMG) Graphite rod.This 5-power rod is a little heavy for my usual fishing, but can be dependable in the clutch under rough conditions. 

Today's tackle:
ABU Ambassadeur 5500CA, Fenwick HMG Iron Hawk Graphite (HFC-555), Daiwa #5 line (Clear, equivalent to 20lb in IGFA class, 16lb in US standard), Fred Arbogast Jitterstick, Heddon Hedd Plug, 210, Lucky 13, Meadow Mouse, etc.

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