Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last fishing 2011

We (I mean we as some fishing friends and I) make it a rule to charter a fishing boat on 29 Dec to enjoy the last fishing for the year. We look forward the fishing trip every year, but it is in mid winter, so the weather doesn't permit every year. This year, we're very lucky to go out to be on the sea, though it was very windy and the wave was large. Fish (about 2lb yellowtail) were very active to chase our lures (3-6 oz metal jig), and we could catch as many as we could fill up our ice box. I caught more than 30 of them in the forenoon. Unfortunately, we could not catch a special large one, but we could enjoy a lot. After I went back, I started to clean the fish I caught, but I gave it up on the way...too many to finish. I have to get up early tomorrow and do it again.

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