Friday, February 12, 2010

So Smooth!

I finally finished cleaning my reels which I'm planning to use during next fishing season. Most of them are very old products made about 30-40 years ago, but they work very smoothly, maybe more smoooothly than you expect, after you clean up and overhaul all the parts properly.

The way I do is...
at first, I carefully wash the gears, screws, washers, and other parts one by one with a brush and kitchen detergent in hot water, and then wipe to clean them with waste cloth. Next, I remove old sticky oil and grease using solvents. And at last, I put them up using ABU Garcia Silicote Reel Oil and Lube. I also often use Shimano Reel Oil Spray for the bearings. I know of recent high-precision ball bearing and high-tech oils such as IOS-01, but have never so far tried them, though I'm interested in them very much.

Now, how long do you think the spool turns around?

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