Sunday, February 14, 2010

Foot sizes (just for my personal record)

Today, I visited a New Balance footwear shop and had them measure the sizes of my feet. I had bought many pairs of shoes in 27cm/4E or 27.5cm/EE to fit myself, but had never known the true sizes of mine. According to them, my bare sizes are 265mm in length with 255mm width (right) and 266mm in length with 240 mm width (left), suggesting that I should choose 27.0cm/EE or 27.5cm/EE, if I fit the larger right foot.
The shoe-fitter in the shop was so kind I bought three pairs, two (M965 and MR966) for my long-distance running and one (sneakers) for daily use. The M965 and MR966 are subsequent models of M964 (I also have one pair) which was famous for LSD training or Ultra marathon. They all share good cushioned sole and high ventilation ability.

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