Saturday, November 14, 2009

My bass fishing season is almost over

It's getting colder and colder after every rainfall. My bass fishing is almost over, which means my collection season is just about to start. Today, I found a cute lure in my old fishing tackle box and am getting more and more interested in it. The lure is 'Weedless Jitterbug'.

I replaced the rubber skirts and attached a trailer hook on the tail. I'd like to collect some other colors and use them next year.

I have also been interested in Storm 'Chug Bug' lures these days. I have already bought a bunch of them, both new and old ones. As is often the case with fishing lure, old ones are much more beautifully painted. My favorite colors are the rainbow trout colors, natural frog colors, and the natural sea-trout. I also find there're two types in this lure, with and without rattles inside the body. The no-rattle ones are marked only 'Chug Bug' on the belly and float almost horizontally on the water. I'd like to use these lures next season as well.

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