Friday, July 10, 2009

Fishing in highland ponds

I drove long distance, going through three prefectures (administrative areas in Japan), to enjoy fishing in mountainous areas with a good friend of mine. Most of the ponds there has good clear water quality and are surrounded by beautiful trees or grasses.
There are many large ponds there, and we fished from our floating tubes in 4-5 ponds in a row among them. In the first pond, my friend caught a nice bass at daybreak. As you may see, his lure is a famous double-prop bait, Heddon Wounded Spook in XRY color with clear belly.

In another pond, I also caught using a Pico Pop.
In the last pond, it got cloudy and windy and a fat bass came down on my friend's Bass Frog between thick reeds.

Fishing in a different place than usual gives us inspiration and comfort. The trip was so much fun.

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