Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bass Oreno again

It was comp. day for me today. I went fishing with my old handsome tackle. The earliest ABU Ambassadeur (Rocord) reel, Phillipson M60 rod, some wood lures, and rubber frogs.

Early in the morning, I caught two catfish. It was too bad one of them broke my favorite frog by its teeth.

Then, I kept casting the wood lures. The Southbend Bass Oreno (w/ glass eye, green & gold scale) worked very fine.
When I was taking pictures of this bass, I dropped my Boga Grip (fish-catcher) into water by mistake. I went on back to my car to get my diving mask, and took the water. The depth was about 9-10 feet, but how lucky I was, I could finally located it!

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