Thursday, February 4, 2016


I asked one of my good friends in the US to find wood lures to fish with (not for collection) for me. In the beginning of this year, he sent some to me. I started clearing them, and have been trying to repair the paints and hardware. I felt very strange about one of them. It is a Heddon Basser (#8500), but all three hooks are mounted on the belly with bar hardware and it has no tail hook. I was thinking one of the previous owners changed the hardware and the position of tail hook.

However, when I checked Tom's website (Lure Lore), I found a different series number in Heddon Basser. Yes, code number S8500. According to the information there, it is the code number for Saltwater Basser, and the bar hardware and positions of the tail hook are peculiar to S8500. I'm very happy to know mine is one of them.

Below are other lures that I cleaned and refinished. I'd like to go fishing with these in the next fishing season.

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