Sunday, December 23, 2012

Finished a marathon, sub 3.5

I finally reached the end. I finished a full marathon today, and I could fully enjoyed it. Just one years ago, I was a drowned mouse at the same race, and I was thinking I'd like to get revenge someday. Then, I seriously started working out for this race in August, and thanks to all the hard training I did (and of course the strong help from my family), I could post a good time at this race (personal best, 3h23m48s NET). I could reduce longer than 20 minutes compared to my previous best record, and I'm a little moved by the fact that I can physically improve myself at this age of life. Yes, please play the theme Rocky for me.

Mentally, I'd like to thank a tall runner running just in front on me after 35 km. His T-shirt says 'Orenai-Kokoro', meaning 'Uncrushable Mind' or 'Hang in there!' in English, on the back. In the abrupt bad condition with strong upwind and sprinkling rain, I decided I would never walk looking at his back more than 100 times. I slowed down after 40 km, but the race was just too good.


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