Saturday, January 21, 2012

Making a short list of WTB

On the new year's day of 2012, I decided to run 300km in Jan. I've run 202km so far including an exercise of 30km running I underwent today in the rain. I routed an about 5km course around my house, and I ran around it 6 times. My pace in each lap was 04:55, 04:50, 04:53, 04:50, 04:49, and 04:42, which was, all in all, so-so as I expected. 
Recently, I want a running GPS watch badly, because I can know how far and how fast I run very easily with it. I'm checking Garmin website to find one suitable for my use. I'd rather like one with a water-resistant covering (I may wear it when I go fishing), but such models are made for triathlon races and very expensive. For instance, their brand-new high-end 910XT looks extremely gorgeous, but would cost me more than $400 at least.

This reminds me, I'd like to list up some items I'm interested in or WTB during 2012.

Vintage Lures
   210 (wood, nice colors)
   200 (RH, GE)
   Original Zara Spook (SO, PSWB)
   Magnum Torpedo (BH, RH, BLKH, GRA, SO)
   Zara II (NF, XRW, XBW)
   Lucky 13 (14KCD, XBW)
   Baby Torpedo (XRS)
   Crazy Cralwer (NF)
   Wounded Spook (RH, BH, XRS)
   Spooker (large)
   Jumping G (large)
   Gandy Dancer
   Wood Chug
   Chug Horse
   Carrot Top
   Zig Zag Jr
 Southbend or Evans 
   Bass Oreno (silver/black)
 Cotton Cordell
   Crazy Shad (large)

Other fishing tackle
Daiwa Certate 2004CH, 2506H
Daiwa Cardia 2004
Knipex 2053-125, 2505-140, 2505-160, 2506-160
G-sakai Sabiknife

and so on and on and on.....

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