Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nice bass, good fight

We are in the middle of rainy season. Raindrops make the flowers of hydrangea in our garden much more beautiful.
I got up at 03:00 AM and went fishing. I hoped that fine rain could activate fish, but in reality fish were very slow maybe because of heavy rain we had a couple of days ago. The water was muddy, and I had hard time to get a strike from fish. I changed my lures and their colors very often, but nothing had worked. By chance I looked at a near-shore area, I noticed a subtle ripple between submerged trees. Then, I took some time and distance off from there and long-cast a Pico Plunker (wood lure) just at the point. I gave it two dog-walking actions, and then a nice bass grabbed it in her mouth. I could see all the little details of this scene, and it was the real thrill of topwater fishing! She was a good fighter and it took a while until she got near to the water surface, but I could successfully catch her.

After I caught this fish, it started to rain hard from time to time. I found some small flowers fallen on the water surface. They were beautiful and smelled good.

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