Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ABU 5000C, 1984 model

This is a scan of a 1984-85 ABU catalog distributed by Ebisu Fishing in Japan. According to it, ABU once stopped making Ambassadeur 5000C in 1978, but they started making again in 1984. The 1984 model is so called 'replica' but its parts were mixed through the production ages.
The rims are grooved (-1973), but the spool cap is without a skirt (1976-). The logos on the left plate are those of new ones (1974-).The handle nut is without 'Oil' mark engraved, and the drag star wheel is with angular ends (1972 or 1974-??). The EF decal and an additional engraved mark on the foot show it was imported and sold by a Japanese distributor, Ebisu Fishing. The foot is numbered as 840400.

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