Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Calm rain before a storm

The weather forecast said it would rain calmly before a storm, so I could not wait to go out. I fished one hour just during 4:30-05:30 in the morning just before going to work. It was lucky to catch a fish in such a short time fishing.

My breaths were so deep just before catching the bass. Just let me offer excuses, I'm a runner who always breathe from the abdomen .

The lure was Bass Oreno. I wondered which color to cast first, yellow or red head, and I decided to tie this one first.

Today's tackle (I used my favorite ones today):
ABU Record, Phillipson Master M60, Stren 14lb (Clear Blue), Southbend Bass Oreno, Heddon Zaragossa, Pico Plunker, Harrison Bass Frog (2nd), etc. Again, the waders Simms G4Z worked perfectly.

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